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INET Fronteer

The new INET Fronteer terminal integrates real-time market data, news, charting and analytics, all in a single interface that is easy to learn and efficient to use.


Complimentary Access to Broadstreetlagos.com

A paid subscription to I NET Fronteer PRO or PLUS will come with complimentary access to the premium features of broadstreetlagos.com (Nigeria's leading web based data platform). Being web based BSL gives you access to market information while on the road.


Cash and Bonus Dividends

With an I NET Fronteer PRO or PLUS account you will have access to detailed historical dividend information on publicly traded companies in Africa's largest market and economy. The information will cover cash and bonus dividends going back at least 10 years.


Key Statistics Information

With an I NET Fronteer PRO or PLUS account you will have access to summary information on individual companies. Cash/Bonus dividend yields, payout ratios, performance comparison with the NSE-ASI for current year and over 52 weeks, etc. Using these metrics within the BSL or I NET Fronteer query tools to enable rounded research.


Historical Valuations

With an I NET Fronteer PRO or PLUS account you will have access to individual company annual historical valuations. Valuations based on price to book value, dividend yields, price earnings ratio and earnings yield will be available with a paid subscription..

Data As It Happens


One Application is All You Need

INET Fronteer includes a comprehensive set of real-time and delayed market data covering all major asset classes, professional news from leading sources and analytics data and tools - ensuring you can make informed investment decisions.


A World of Market Data and Analytics

INET Fronteer provides consolidated equities data from over 55 exchanges and extensive debt markets data from exchanges and contributing brokers. View futures, options, swaps and indices on many classes of commodities and access in-depth fundamental data, stock screening and peers analysis covering more than 80,000 companies.


Pay for What You Actually Use

INET Fronteer integrates real-time market data, news, charting and analytics capabilities in a single interface that is easy to learn and efficient to use. INET Fronteer is streamlined for the real-world needs of finance professionals - eliminating unused features and unnecessary costs.


Cross Platform Mobile Services

Follow the markets in real-time with the INET Fronteer mobile companion, available on Android driven phones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads.

Superior Research


Equity Analytics

NET Fronteer delivers fundamental data, consensus estimates, stock screening and peers data covering companies worldwide. Get an instant overview of a company with the intuitive Company page, and drill-down into a wealth of information with a click.


Specialist-grade Charting Module

With more than 40 technical analysis studies, endless customization options and integrated features to share charts online via Twitter, email and more, INET Fronteer provides everything you need to create and publish specialist-grade technical analyses.

Data As It Happens


Breadth, Depth & Quality

Infinancials offers an unmatched global coverage of over 80,000 public companies, including small- and mid-capitalizations, by providing several industry leading data sources.Infinancials recognized expertise in cross-country standardization ensures the highest quality in fundamental data and analytics.


Company Fact Sheets

The Infinancials' factsheet is a customizable stock report summarizing all the critical information on a company and its comparables. The factsheet helps investors to form their personal opinion on stocks and enables reactive and documented client communication.


Peer Identification

Infinancials provides powerful tools for the identification of relevant comparable companies, even within highly specific industry sectors. For every company in the database, predefined and customizable sets of peers are provided.


Stock Screening

The Infinancials stock screening tool enables investors to quickly and accurately identify the most promising investment opportunities matching their personal criteria.

Data On Demand


Corporate and Macroeconomic Calendar

The INET Fronteer calendar combines data from leading sources to give you a complete overview of corporate and macroeconomic events - including historical values. Use powerful filtering tools to create a custom calendar and set countdown alerts to ensure that you are prepared to take action on important announcements.


Powerful Search and Discovery Tools

INET Fronteer delivers a wealth of data and features - and gives you innovative search and command tools to access them quickly and easily. The INET Fronteer Go Screen provides a single portal to all of your INET Fronteer content, including unique sector and regional overview pages giving you all key data at a glance. Use the intelligent INET Fronteer search to find relevant instruments, markets, graphs and more.

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